毎号全世界のBMXシーンを独自の視点で伝え評価の高いDIG BMX MAGAZINEの最新ISSUE83が入荷しました!
ISSUE83のカバーを飾ったのはAlex Kennedy!
16ページに渡りAlex Kennedyのインタビューが収録されています。

001: Alex Kennedy X2 in Israel. Photos by Ricky Adam
Front end 
014 Ballbag: Jamie Cameron and the story of what really goes on at The Tunnel… 

020 Ignition: Tajs take on the goings on behind the scenes at Texas Toast.

026 Collectables: Brian Kachinsky and his well travelled souvenir collection

030 Homage: Van Homan and co reminisce about ‘that skatepark shaped town in Texas…


030 Made in Dagengham: 10 things you probably didnt know about the Nike Pool.

036 AK – The Alex Kennedy Interview: The UKs most enigmatic riders kills it in Israel in amongst some talk of drag racing, dreadlocks and freecoasters… 

056 Almond at SXSW: Ben Hucke, Jared Washington and Shane Weston witness Austin in full swing and can’t help but join the party… 

066 The Tony Malouf interview: Shot entirely in the Scottish homeland of his sponsor BSD, Chicago’s king of Gully-speak turns up the heat. 

106 Under Your Influence: Grant Smith catches up with the legendary Craig Campbell – one of the most influential riders of his generation. Read and learn…

112 Madera Tweetin in @Memphis: Josh Eilken, Jeff Dowhen, August Zeratsky, Jeff Kocsis, Grant Castelluzzo and Mike Hinkens provide you with full article via the phenomenon that is Twitter. enjoy. 

120 Judgement Day: Martinez, Dehart, Williams and Hamlin buckle down for The Rapture whilst on the road with Dans & Etnies. 

Rear end
096 Productivity: Another three pages worth of product boner material for your arousal. 

100 Lost For Words: Just photos, just trails…
126 Digital Crunch: Send us photos and win shoes from Etnies. Easy… 

128 Backchat: Adam Grandmaison declares his love for the Jersey boy.
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