DIG BMX MAGAZINEのISSUE80はRuben Alcantaraが表紙!!

まずは、下の昨年アップされたRuben Alcantaraの映像をチェックしてみてください。

Catching up with Ruben >>

次号、到着予定のDIG BMX MAGAZINE Issue80のカバーは、下の画像のとおりRuben Alcantara。

さて、次号は、昨年12月にリリースされ瞬く間に各ショップから全国のライダーの手へ渡って行ったDVD、Stew JohnsonのANTHEM2 DVDの撮影にまつわる写真が特集されています。

DIG BMX MAGAZINE Issue80は近日ZENに到着予定です。


001: Ruben Alcantara and his 3rd DIG cover, Fuengirola, Spain. Photo by Ed Docherty
014 Ballbag: Salt makes a comeback.
020 Ignition: Life in Stereo. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover…
028 Head First?: Why are we still not wearing helmets? A selection of riders including Van Homan, Tom White and Mike Taylor share their thoughts
030 Accelerate: Eric Bugbee puts a BMX movie back on the big screen. You’ll never see more ‘RAD’ references in one issue…
038 Videostore: The Gully Factory interview.
026 Repo: Jimmy Levan and the Forecastle music fest.

040 Anthem 2: A collection of classic photos (and more) shot over the past three years during the making of Stew Johnson’s recently released and soon to be legendary Anthem sequel.
060 Sturdy Wrists: Federal’s Chris ‘Millsy’ Mills; that smoke-free ginger guy who rides down rails and throws himself down stairs.
068 Portland <30>: Fourteen riders from the diverse Portland scene cross the ‘Generation F’ age divide and share their thoughts on everything from Rad the Movie to Burnside. Note: article includes Jeremy Davis.084 Productivity: Helping you spend that Xmas money wisely.
090 Instore: STF and Notion. Support your local bike shop!
094 Low Profile: BSD’s Reed Stark, minus his pearly white teeth.
100 Lost For Words: A Vans Kill the Line pictorial special.
110 Travel Sickness: What the fuck is BMX FU?
114 Engage: Jeff Martin and Paul Ryan shoot the shit.
126 Digital Crunch: Send us photos and win shoes from Etnies. Easy…
128 Backchat: Cover boy Ruben and his guilty secret.