毎号、世界中のBMXシーンをライダーが撮影する写真や記事でお届けする UK発のBMX雑誌、DIG BMX MAGAZINE最新号Issue82が入荷しました。
中でも見応えあるのが、Dennis Enarson、Alex Magallan、Rob Wise、Nigel Sylvester、Ralphy Ramos、Tate Roskelly、Eric Hennessy、Clint Reynolds、Matt Beringer等のカリブ海諸国へのツアーへ行った時の様子が34ページに渡りレポートされています。

001: Clint Reynolds airs over Ryan Corrigan in the Caribbean. Photo by Rob Dolecki

Front End
014 Ballbag: Ryan Worcester gets to grips with the recession.
020 Ignition: Brad Simms goes straight up whilst Peter Adam takes the long way round.

028 Cult’s Company Policy: Robbie Morales and Adam Roye give it to you straight.
030 BSD Jam Repo: The UK’s biggest skatepark and some dejavu for Van Homan.
032 Coming to terms: How BMX adopted the indian giver.
034 Tom Dugan: Ten things you probably didn’t know…
036 Building an Empire: Tom Williams and co on keeping it ‘even more real’ in Texas.


044 Caribbean Crews: Three like-minded crews head to three Caribbean countries for no reason other than to ride, relax and explore. Jealous much? Featuring Dennis Enarson, Alex Magallan, Rob Wise, Nigel Sylvester, Ralphy Ramos, Tate Roskelly, Eric Hennessy, Clint Reynolds, Matt Beringer and more…

100 Last Chance for Last Chance: Dennis Enarson, Rob Wise, Connor Lodes and Christian Rigal get it done, and then some, on the last weekend of filming for Demolition.

106 Winter in Barcelona: Italy’s Stefan Lantschner and Simone Barraco spent the winter in Barca and made a video for Nike 6.0 to prove it. Enjoy!

118 G-Sport in Los Angeles: The strange tale of The G-Sport team, a Jack Black lookalike camera botherer called Sas, and some divine intervention. About time…

Rear End 082 Productivity: Another four pages worth of product boner material for your perusal.
090 Instore: Neighborhood BMX and The Cellblock. Support your local bike shop!

110 Engage: Zack Gerber talks some sense and gets wild all at the same time. Hold onto your hats…
126 Digital Crunch: Send us photos and win shoes from Etnies. Easy…
128 Backchat: Chad DeGroot and his beard keep it weird.